*Atelier Index (A.I.) encourages ongoing collection|investigation|exploration of codes in our visual world. It is a repository of ideas|images|expressions relating to metadata, semiotics, research, looking, archiving…

A.I is ultimately interested in the tension|blurred lines|synthesis of intuitive, (sub)conscious human looking, and binary, programmed computer looking, and how this shapes how we understand the worlds we live in today.

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Atelier Index is led by Liv Taylor, a Visual Strategist and Cultural Researcher working with brands, institutions an organisations to bring insight and inspiration to their projects. She also runs the final year BA(Hons) Illustration course.



Liv is hosting a workshop|course|experiment exploring the act of looking in the digital age; sharing how visual and thematic research can be carried out and understood when navigating, Pinterest, museum collections, news feeds, shop windows, our bookshelves, our grandmother’s attics and the woods. 

Drawing upon everyday technology and culture, as well as lessons from educational and design thinking (with just touch of philosophy!), we’ll explore|question|generatethemes including Research Gestures, Lyrical Looking and Spectral Thinking, and Loops, Filters, Bubbles and Frames.

Practically, we will identify tools and questions that will help to capture, organise and consider our visual collections. This might be in relation to design work and project briefs, or considering our own personal searches, acts of looking and exploring the visual world around us.

At the end of the workshop|course|experiment you may have brought into focus your Visual Quest and have some tangible methods for developing your personal archive and carrying out ‘research’ in relation to a brief or topic. Be you a student, artist, writer, designer, or someone who is just curious, theworkshop|course|experiment should be both helpful and inspirational.

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Re-Search will begin, online, at the end of August 2020. Taking place on a weeknight that suits all participants, there will be one introductory talk, followed by three 2 hour sessions. In between our meetings, there will be materials to look at, read and engage with, questions to consider or activities to do that should not take more than 1 hour within the week. Participants in this first group should be open to sharing their thoughts|findings|collections as part of Atelier Index and Liv’s ongoing research|quest|enquiry

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